Sunday, January 1, 2012

Praise for the immersion blender

A month or so ago, I was in the Chicago area, and after a nice dinner out with friends, we wandered into Sur la Table.  I saw this Cuisinart immersion blender on sale for $25 and made an impulse buy.  Now I only wonder why I waited so many years to buy this little appliance.  Well, I know why--I figured that since I already own a blender and food processor, this was totally unnecessary and would just be one more appliance on the counter.  But now I find that for someone like me who loves making soups, many of which involve blending, this is great!  No more transferring of hot soup to the blender or food processor, and no more cleaning up the soup that sloshes out.  Just stick the blender stick in the pot of soup, press the button, and it's done.  And the clean-up is so much easier, too.  Instead of the big, awkward pieces of the blender or food processor to wash, you just detach the mixer part from the colored handle with the press of a button, and run it under the faucet.   Here's a link to Sur la Table--less expensive than on Amazon; note other colors available: 

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